Daisy Chain Set 4, Pack 2 – Endings

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Completing our Pocket Phonic Daisy Chains Set 4 comes ‘Endings’, 24 bright, colour coded, double laminated and double sided, display graphemes and words.

The grapheme is in the white centre and each petal displays a word highlighting the grapheme in white. Common endings include: nd, nt, nk, ng, nch, (pink) pt, xt, ct, ft, and lt (purple) ck, ed, ing (red), ll, ss, ff, (blue), st, sp, sk (green).

Sets 2, 3 and 4 include 2 sets of 12 daisies, so that all 24 views can be presented on a wall at the same time.

A fantastic reference display is created in minutes! Use as reading, spelling and memory bank.

All sets include teachers’ notes, photocopiable sheets, and a resealable bag. Flower 13 cm diameter.


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