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Bits of Pizza (Bizza Pizza)
Equivalent Fractions are explained with one visual image and a snip of the scissors.

  • Three Pizzas display 16 olives.
  • One is divided into sixteenths with eighths on the reverse.
  • A second shows an eighth again, but has quarters on the reverse. The last in the set shows quarters with halves on the reverse.
  • The olives explain half, quarter, eighth and sixteenth of 16.
  • Two pizzas show 12 olives with twelfths on the reverse side of sixths, and again sixths on the reverse of thirds.
  • The last pizza shows ten olives and thus tenths with fifths on the reverse.
  • Cut and flip on piece over to see the equivalent fraction. Write on and wipe off any fraction number, or use indelible pens to highlight a fixed fraction.
  • Two tiny extra pizzas per set act as pizza counters.

The Class set includes 24 Pizzas (13.5cm diam) and 8 pizza counters (6.5cm diam) – 3 sets of each pizza and photocopiable masters.


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