The Cafe, pack of 5

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The Cafe – Money 1 to 10 pence

Children love food and here are 10 of their favourite choices: rice, sweetcorn, baked beans, fish fingers, broccoli, sausage, burger, chips, waffle, strawberry and vanilla ice cream.

  • The food items are double-sided with the prices from 1p to 10p printed on one side.
  • As the child chooses from the menu, prices are clearly visible leading to mental maths, money work, number bonds, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Questions can be posed to the children such as: Find the total cost of the sweetcorn, the waffle and the burger. What is the difference in price between the sausage and the burger? How much will 3 burgers cost? If you have 30 pence, how many ice creams will you be able to buy? Which items could you buy with 20 pence?

Set includes 5 sets of each item (total 55 items), a photocopiable workbook and teachers’ notes.


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