Ready Teddy Go, pack of 20

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Turner the Teddy teaches the order of number.

He also shows how the digits 0-9 repeat through the number system and then each take a turn in the ten’s place.

These teddy shaped cards display 0-9 on one side, as a number and a word, but then as the cards are turned over, the 0 becomes 10, 1 becomes 11 etc, thus displaying 10-19. Order, place value and making 10 more or less/fewer can be introduced by human number lines and wonderful wall displays.

Class set – 20 cards, a durable yellow plastic display holder with 20 clear plastic pockets and a 32 page photocopiable booklet.

Book and Bears includes 20 cards (0 – 19) and a 32 page photocopiable booklet.


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