Daisy Chain Set 1, Pack 30 – Alphabet

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Brightly coloured, double laminated daisies display a to z and digraphs, ch, sh, th, wh, and qu. In the centre of the daisy is the grapheme and each petal displays seven word examples with the spelling pattern highlighted in white.
On the reverse side is the symbol with three matching pictures and words. Flowers are colour coded to aid identification, teaching and learning.

For example: a, e, i, o, u – yellow / ch, sh, th, wh, qu – orange.

Sets 2, 3 and 4 include 2 sets of 12 daisies, so that all 24 views can be presented on a wall at the same time. All sets include teachers’ notes, photocopiable sheets, and a resealable bag.

A fantastic reference display is created in minutes! Use as reading, spelling and memory bank. Flower 13 cm diameter.


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