Zillions, pack of 5

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Zillions – Number Facts to 10

Digits 0 to 9 are cut out and colour coded to show number bonds to 10, making a simple but effective aid in learning bonds to 10. (White on reverse side).

  • Use velcro, magnetic tape or blu-tack to make these individual digits display any number up to billions.
  • Illustrate place value by making new numbers. Eg. 346, 364, 436, 463, 634, 643. Signs, commas and decimal points are included so that all operations can clearly be displayed.
  • What is the missing number? What is the missing sign? What is the difference between…? What is the total?
  • Displays are instant and effective, and digits can be used time and again for the full 4 to 11 age range.
  • Each set contains 0 to 9 digits and signs, teachers’ notes and a photocopiable booklet in a resealable bag.


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