Pop Shop, pack of 5 sets

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Pop Shop – Money 11p to £1.25

‘Real maths’ and ‘problem solving’ is emphasised here with Pop Shop.

  • Bottles and cans of pop, glasses of fizz, cartons of juice and colourful Knicker Bocker Glories are marked with various prices (11p, 20p, 50p, 75p, 99p, £1.25).
  • Prices are clearly visible on one side and on the reverse side there is a blank square for writing your own price.
  • Five bottles – joined together cost £1.25, so how much is each bottle?
  • Cartons of juice are only sold in 3s, so how many do we need for a party of 14?
  • Add the Knicker Bocker Glory on to any other item and see the trick of adding 99p.

A photocopiable booklet and resealable folder completes the set.


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