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Playground Pictures

Playground Pictures are highly colourful, external 3mm PVC wall picture fixtures displaying literacy and numeracy information. Images are child centred and draw children to them. The information displayed upon them are designed to teach a concept and help teachers teach and children learn. 


They can be glued, screwed or even  nailed to walls and fences, and can transform your outside areas in minutes. Don't forget your corridors and halls and communal areas where fiddling fingers often destroy mounted children's work. Now you 'want' children to point and touch and work out the sounds or high frequency words. If  displayed in an area where parents and siblings see them regularly, it informs parents at a glance which letters and sounds or words they need to learn.   Even behind the washbasins children can help each other to read and learn the words as they wash their hands.  


Incorporate Playground Pictures into a whole school approach and involve children and parents as Playground Teachers in the process of raising standards. Extend the classroom into the playground or corridor and turn it into a Teaching, Learning and Assessment Zone.

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