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19 April 2011

Sweet Counter has saved me hours in making resources. They are brilliant, bright, colourful and very useful. I have used them from reception to year 6. Your site is always up to date and is a fantastic resource.

Thank you Sophie G


18 April 2011

Your resources are bright, attractive and easy to use. Pupils like using them and they are fantastic as wall displays.

Elizabeth Mair, Specialist Support teacher, Rutherglen, Glasgow.


12 April 2011

Loved the products from this site, my children especially like the Rainbow times table. Products are bright and colourful and can be used in loads of situations in class.

Trish McLellan. Head Teacher, Glass Primary School


12 April 2011

I love all of your maths resources. They are practical, easy to use and children love using them.

Jeni, Walsall


8 April 2011

Dear Sweet Counter, I would like to say how colourful, attractive and easy to use your products are. I have bought all the Phonics Pocket Daisy Chain sets and they are very popular with our pupils. They are durable, very attractive for displays and still look as good-as-new, despite being handled by the pupils on a daily basis. We also use the ‘Crocodiles’ and the ‘Rainbow’ multiples. Both products help the visual learner to remember important facts and the products are also versatile, as the laminated surface enables dry-wipe pens to be used easily by individual pupils. I look forward to your new catalogue arriving soon,

Many thanks,

Helen P, St Nicholas’ School, Hampshire.


8 April 2011

I have always found Sweet Counter a great company to deal with. Their website is easy to use and understand, their communication is great and the downloads are easy to access. I have used many Sweet Counter products but my favourite has to be the Multiplication Tables Rainbows and Worksheets - my pupils love using these to practise their tables and it definitely makes it fun!

Claire Eade, Principal Teacher (Primary), Aberdeenshire.


7 April 2011

I love the Sweet Counter materials. The materials are well produced and easy to use. They take the fuss out of preparing materials for yourself. And it's even better now that we can download direct.


Jo Holliday Specialist SpLD Teacher


7 April 2011

Something different' - sturdy resources which make learning fun! Great stuff.

Kate Bodle SENCO


7 April 2011

I really like sweetcounter resources. They are so bright and colourful and make instant easy displays in my classroom, saving lots of time! i really like the French paintpots and numbers which can hang across my room. I also use the mini rainbow cards a lot with my class - really good for supporting children, especially when we are counting on the counting stick and practising out x tables!

catherine phelan, primary ast , north Yorkshire


7 April 2011

Sweetcounter is a well resourced site. As a Reception Teacher I often need up to date, brightly coloured resources which I just don't have the time to make. Sweet Counter’s resources fit in with my teaching as well as being long lasting. I still pull out every year resources brought several years previously.

Pippa Roxan


6 April 2011

I have dealt with the Sweet Counter before and the service was fantastic. They are fantastic resources at reasonable prices. I have recommended them to several colleagues at work.

Amy Carter. Staffordshire


6 April 2011

I love your products! I visited your booth at the ECIS conference in Nice. Good luck.

Annie Iwanow


6 April 2011

Sweet Counter has provided our school with excellent resources for both Numeracy and Literacy activities. These resources can be used for whole group activities and independent learning. The resources come with helpful guides and ideas and some photocopiable sheets, which are very useful. The resources are colourful and attractive and children enjoy using them.

Suzanne Thompson, Class teacher (reception/year 1 mixed)


6 April 2011

Just like to say your downloads are brilliant, although I'd like to see more to suit FE and offender learning. An area that many companies forget, the adults we work with are in need of stimulation from an adult perspective but to learn the same things that mainstream education offers. Many offenders are foreign nationals and language is an issue also many of these people have had bad experiences in education often being told they were 'Thick, Stupid or lazy' but sadly many of them just needed the right help and support. Carry on your great work

Many Thanks and Kind Regards

Joanne Haigh


6 April 2011

such excellent, uncomplicated resources. the range of support for both literacy and numeracy is amazing superb value - can't recommend highly enough

lorraine smith Secondary SENCO


6 April 2011

Great value for money products with a range of ideas that suit teaching needs. Highly recommended as they look great in classrooms due to their high quality finish.

K Holland, St. Helens


6 April 2011

Over more years than I like to remember, I have purchased Sweet Counter products. The stand at the Education Show in Birmingham, is my first port of call. The products are so child friendly. Devised by a teacher for teachers, the products are those that you would make yourself, if only you had the time. They match exactly the needs of the child. A particular favourite are "The Pocket CVC Cards and accompanying Workbook.

Sue Blaze. SENCO, The Blue Coat School, Edgbaston, Birmingham.


5 April 2011

I have bought many things from the Sweet Counter and have been thrilled with each and every one of them. They are so brightly coloured and child - friendly. Both myself and my children love to use these resources. They brighten up my wall displays as well!

Thank You!

Shona McKie, Class Teacher. North Lanarkshire Council


5 April 2011

Fantastic Maths resources, very visual, all my children love them, easy to order and quick service.

Mrs Evenden, Numbers Count Intervention Teacher


5 April 2011

These resources have saved me a lot of time and energy. A lot of good resources at affordable prices and very practical for the busy classroom. I look here before trying to make and have also picked up some good ideas.

Karen Long Nurture Manager/Primary School


5 April 2011

For good quality, good value, time saving resources visit the Sweet Counter website. Full of the sort of ideas that fill a classroom with colour and learning opportunities!

Lisa Shirley Infant School Teaching and Learning Support Worker


5 April 2011

I was finding that a lot of my KS1 students struggled with number bonds. After trying out various techniques (with dotted ladybirds, different coloured cubes etc) I decided to order the Sweet Counter transportation set. My order was processed very quickly and the woman I spoke to on the phone was polite and helpful. What a hit they have been! The concept just instantly "clicked". The illustrations are clear and attractive and they make the connection between number bonds very obvious. The supporting workbooks are also great. It's a resource that I will forever be recycling year in year out! I also like the plastic zip lock style folder that the resources arrived in - making storing them very easy. I previously taught KS1 in Scotland and am now teaching KS! in an international primary in Madrid.

Lisa Ann Tani


5 April 2011

I have used Sweet Counter resources in my last two classrooms and would not hesitate to use again. The resources are simple but effective. The bright colours and clear graphics really hold my children's attention and make my class look so cheerful. 

Thanks for such lovely resources!

Alison Mowatt, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire







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