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Any concept you might need, we hopefully have a product to suit (if not, give us a ring). 
We try to design original, fun, creative, child centred products to teach specific concepts.


Money products are particular favourites. The Cafe (1p to 10p), Snack Pack (10p to 20p) and Lollies (multiples of 5p) have been runaway successes. 'What is the 'total', 'difference between', ' value' of the Burger or the Ice Cream?' 'Which coins will you use to buy the waffle at 8p?' What can you buy for exactly 17p?' 'How much change from 50p will you have if you buy the cheese and carrots and strawberries?'

These were so successful, that we repeated the concept with Under the Sea, creatures marked 1p to 10p that might be sold in the Seaside Shop, with items 10p to 20p. With the Healthy eating campaign, we created Fruit Compute with 23 common to exotic fruits, marked in multiples of 5p. 


Multiplication is particularly difficult as it relies so heavily on memory. It is important that children understand the concept of 'continuous addition', so 3 x 6 is three sets of 6 or 6 + 6 + 6. We have Train Times  as a product to illustrate this. Our Multiplication Rainbow is revolutionary. It takes all the multiples (answers to the tables) and displays them in a simple rainbow arch, so that 6 x 4 can be seen vertically and horizontally as 4x6. 

Number Facts

Also referred to as Number Bonds which are very popular particularly the facts to 10. Look for Polar Bears (1 to 10), Plus Bus (6), Jumbo Jets (8) and Busy Boats, Zillions, Lady Bugs and Wish Fish (10). Owls have self correcting facts to 20, and Lorry Loads (17 though the principle is for bonds 11 to 19) Bonds to 100 can be seen with Puffins and Penguins and the Colour Coded Hundred Line.

Number Lines

Number Lines are essential in any classroom, and we have a selection to 10, 15 (Rainbow Rules) 10 and 20, Creepy Crawly Counters, and to 30 with our Times and Letter Lines. Our Monster Line will soon be available to 50. 

Place Value

The concept of Hundreds, tens and units is made clear, simple and easy with our place value products. Our top selling place value product the Original Sweet Counter Place Value cards uses jars of sweets for hundreds, boxes of sweets for tens and individual sweets for units.


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